Smart staffing

Fast and flexible staffing.

A complete tool for flexible staffing. Book the right employee in just one minute and let Netwic handle time follow-up and employment contracts automatically.

Use your existing employees efficiently and reduce costs.

Nurture and maintain the relationship with your experienced staff and raise contracts instead of hiring more.

+13 years

Solve the need
before it occurs.

Employees decide when they want to work by making themselves available in Netwic. The employer can always book the right employee in just one minute.

+300 workplaces

Ten or thousands of employees?

Everyone benefits from flexible staffing. Shops, logistics, hotels, health care and many more - they all use Netwic every day.

250 000 bookings

Thousands of hours faster every year.

More than 300,000 shifts are booked annually in Netwic. The workplace becomes at least 30 minutes faster with each booking.

Always available staff who can work in case of increased need, illness and holidays.


Extra hours or contracted time - always fully staffed schedule.


Scheduling is easy if you always have available staff to fill in the gaps.


You always know who should be offered higher contracts and more secure employment.


All it takes to get the job done quickly.

Flexible staffing

Always available staff. Book the right skills for single shifts or longer periods.

Labour law and Seniority

Automatically updated in real time and also handles local rules.

Employment contract

Complete employment contracts are created automatically and are digitally signed by both parties.

Secure employment

Netwic makes it easy for employers to raise contract standards and provide more secure employment.

Statistics that help

All activity in Netwic becomes smart statistics that help you plan your daily staffing.


Target news, posts and documents with a smart news page and mail to selected staff groups.

Report and export

The shifts are always ready to be exported to payroll systems and other tools in PAXml and CSV.

App without download

Add Netwic to your phone's home screen and you always have it updated and ready to use.

Get started in a day - no training required.


The employer invites all employees to Netwic.

Smart staffing

Employees create their own accounts and...

Smart staffing

...submit when and where they are available for work.

Smart staffing

Done! The employer books staff in just one minute.

Smart staffing

What does it cost?

From 1,500 SEK per month for a small workplace. Always a fixed price with no hidden costs. Price offer within 24 hours after contact.


What’s included?

Everything! Full service and free support around the clock. Free SMS and email service, a personal contact, follow-ups, statistics and future updates.


How do we get started?

New tools often involve large investments of time and commitment. This has never suited our customers. Contact us and you can be up and running tomorrow.

Common questions
Is Netwic only for hourly employees?
Absolutely not. Anyone who has not yet got a full-time job can use Netwic to increase their employment rate. Netwic prioritizes all available employees according to labour laws and ensures that the right person gets the job at the desired time.
Who should be offered work first?
Netwic handles labour laws in real time and clearly shows who should be offered higher contract and a secure employment. Netwic tailors labour laws for each employer's local rules and can also be adapted on a individual level if the workplace includes several different agreements.
Is Netwic a staffing company?
No, quite the opposite actually. Netwic helps employers use their existing employees efficiently so they always have available staff and can book the right skills for increased needs, illness and holidays. Instead of hiring more substitutes, a flexible staff pool is created with higher employment as a result.
Can Netwic create employment contracts?
Yes. Complete employment contracts are created automatically for all employees who get extra work in addition to the contracted time. Both managers and employees can easily sign the documents digitally in Netwic. Lightning fast administration.
Does the size of the workplace matter?
No. Netwic often helps the smallest workplaces the most. If a workplace only has two employees per day, it is even more important that there are available staff who can fill in the gaps if necessary. If you have several small workplaces in the same city, the staff pool in Netwic will be incredibly efficient and cover everyone's needs.
Is Netwic a scheduling tool?
Netwic mainly helps employers when the regular schedule does not go as planned due to unforeseen events such as illness or temporarily increased need. But many people also use Netwic to plan long-term vacancies and fixed-term employments.
Is daily and weekly rest handled?
Yes. Netwic keeps track of all important rules that must be followed in the daily staffing so that the employer can staff correctly and easily at any time.
Why does Netwic really exist?
Mainly so that those who work extra hours will have increased control over their own work situation and be offered a faster way to a secure employment.

Netwic turn things around.
While others are chasing employees and being forced to use expensive hired staff or other panic solutions, Netwic provides a queue of available coworkers who have already agreed to work. The employer never has to disturb anyone and can always book the right skills at the desired time.

Book and Netwic takes care of the rest.

Employment contract and salary report are created automatically every time you book an employee in Netwic. Quick and easy.


Only contact those who want to work.

No more unnecessary phone calls. With Netwic you will always know who to contact. It saves you lots of time.


Who should first be offered work?

Netwic takes into account current rules and shows you all available employees in the correct order. Workforce planning has never been easier.

"We have saved so much time and energy.

– It is definitely the best system we've ever introduced. Netwic has made my job so much easier and the best part is that it works on everyone's condition. Both employers and employees benefit greatly from the tool. "

Jonas Blom, Aviator Aviator

"I have never ever felt a greater freedom to plan my hourly employment.

– My life is so much easier, both privately and at work. A great system that all businesses with hourly employees should make use of, for sure."

Tomas Söderström

We help you every day ...

Stefan Tiensuu

Stefan Tiensuu CEO & Owner

– Since 2001, Netwic has ensured that there are always available staff at hundreds of workplaces in Sweden and abroad. To always be able to book right employees in a minute, taking full account of local priority rules, is win-win for everyone in the workplace.

Claes Svensson

Claes Svensson Systems Developer

- Quick and accurate staffing that will work for anyone, anywhere and at any time, puts extremely high demands on the technical platform. To match both our own and the users' visions of the future's flexible staffing makes my job both fun and creative.


Your employer Staff planning

– The employer answers questions related to your employment and knows how to get the most out of Netwic at your workplace. Contact information is available when you log in. If you do not have an account yet, ask your employer for an invitation.

How can we help you?

Do you have any questions or maybe want to try Netwic at your workplace? Feel free to contact us, we look forward to hearing from you. For technical support, you will receive the fastest help if you email us from your registered e-mail address.


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